May 06, 2021

The Woodlands, TX – Today, conservative Republican Jonathan Hullihan announced his candidacy for the 8th congressional district following Rep. Kevin Brady’s retirement announcement last month.

“As a patriot and a conservative there have been two pivotal moments in my life that have driven my call to serve; the first was 9/11, when our country was attacked by radical terrorists, and I found my calling to serve in the military as a Navy JAG. The second was just last year as domestic radicals openly embraced socialism, burned our cities, and pledged to rip open our border to illegal immigration,” Jonathan said.

He continued, “That’s why I’m running for Congress today, to safeguard the threatened existence of the American Dream, reassert the rule of law, build Trump’s wall, stop illegal immigration, protect the Second Amendment, and defend the right to life. As congressman, I will fight to stop socialism in its tracks. Radical liberals working to destroy our country from within will not be indulged or given a pass. I plan to lead in the fight for our nation’s sovereignty, confront the annihilation of our constitutional rights, and stand strong for Trump’s America First Agenda.

As part of his announcement, Jonathan Hullihan is hosting a kickoff event in the community room Randall Reed Stadium in New Caney, TX at 6:00 p.m.

About Jonathan: Conservative warrior Jonathan Hullihan is the hard-as-nails conservative we need defending us in Congress. Raised in Texas, Jonathan loves his state and serves his country with pride. His entire career has been about supporting and enforcing the rule of law all around the globe to keep us safe at home. In Congress, Jonathan will be a conservative warrior fighting to stop illegal immigration at the border, protect life, and defend our right to bear arms. Jonathan lives in the Montgomery County area with his wife and Texas State college sweetheart, Jennifer Hullihan, their son Joseph, 12, and daughters Reagan, 10, and Charlotte, 2.



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