Elected Officals

Congressman Paul Gosar

U.S. Rep. Dr. Paul Gosar has announced his endorsement of Jonathan Hullihan in his campaign for Texas’ 8th Congressional District. Hullihan is the first candidate in the CD8 race to have been endorsed by a member of the Freedom Caucus. Dr. Gosar has represented Arizona in Congress for the last decade, serving as the former chair of the Congressional Western Caucus and a leader within the House Freedom Caucus.

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler

Conservative firebrand Congressman Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14) endorsed Jonathan Hullihan’s bid for Texas’ 8th congressional district. Regarding his endorsement of Jonathan, His endorsement serves as an early validator of Hullihan’s candidacy and his bonafides as a future conservative warrior for Texas.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe

I am honored to announce I have received the endorsement of Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe. Kinney County faces some of the highest levels of illegal border crossings along our southern United States. Sheriff Coe is recognized nationally for his efforts in upholding the law and maintaining the sovereignty of our nation.

Organizational Endorsements

Texas Patriots PAC

Led by our organization’s founders Suzanne Guggenheim and Julie Turner, The Texas Patriots PAC has a mission to educate and organize citizens regarding public policy and founding principles, as well as to support the election of local, state and national candidates who share in their core values. The philosophy behind the Texas Patriot PAC’s endorsements for public office closely follows the Buckley rule: they support the most conservative candidate with a viable path to victory.

Texans For True Conservatives

Katy Christian Magazine

Conservative Republicans of Texas PAC

CRT is committed to supporting outstanding legislative candidates who will fight for fiscal discipline & free enterprise economic policies.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of the Conservative Republicans of Texas, conservative activist, and founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center.

The New Movement

We are FREEDOM’S digital warriors who provide a voice for American activists and support America First candidates who speak up against the Democrat, socialist agenda. Like us we believe Jonathan Hullihan will FIGHT BACK, BE LOUD and HAVE COURAGE in defending voter civil liberties.

The Republican Grassroots

Chad Prather

2022 Candidate for Governor of Texas, conservative commentator, and host of Blaze TV.

Seth Keshel

Captain Seth Keshel is a former Army Captain of Military Intelligence and Afghanistan veteran. His analytical method is known worldwide and has been recognized by President Donald Trump. Captain Keshel accurately predicted the outcome of every state in the 2016 presidential election. Seth is active in conservative grassroots efforts in Texas and lives in Fort Worth.

John Gaver

Author of “The Rich Don’t Pay Tax…Or Do They?”, “The Tax Deception” and FAIRtax supporter

Kirk Osborn

Past CD8 Congressional candidate

Jon Bouche

Lonestar Groundwater Conservation Board

Betty Avery

Conroe Mud #1 board member, Former Harris County ESD 9 Commissioner, Former Chairman Military Partnership Committee, Harris County Republican Party

Kim Weber

Montgomery County Precinct Chair #97

Adrian Kaiser

Grassroots Activist and Montgomery County Precinct Chair #66

Melinda Olinde

Grassroots Activist and Montgomery County Precinct Chair #89

Donna McLeer

Grassroots Activist and Montgomery County Precinct Chair #66

Suzanne Rapattoni

Grassroots Activist and Montgomery County Precinct Chair #99

DJ Fike

Grassroots Activist and Montgomery County Precinct Chair #43

Dale Inman

Grassroots Activist and Montgomery County Precinct Chair #27

Neda Henry

Montgomery County Precinct Chair #98

Ralph Fite

Republican Precinct Chair

Robert Coats

Montgomery County Precinct Chair #77

Wendy Yockey

Vice-President of the Montgomery County Freedom Caucus

Mary Ann Mendoza

In May 2014, a police officer named Brandon Mendoza was the victim of a tragic accident involving an illegal immigrant who was driving under the influence in Mesa, Arizona. Brandon was 32 years old, and unfortunately, he did not survive the incident. His mother, Mary Ann Mendoza has gone on to speak out against sanctuary cities and the laws that protect and harbor illegal aliens. In the years since her son has passed, Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza has not shied away from criticizing those who are known for their pro-illegal alien platforms such as Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, and she continues to act as a voice for those who have largely been disregarded. She is the leader of the Angel Families organization, and she has testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee and spoken with President Trump.

Ginger Russell

Government and Education Grassroots Activist-Montgomery County Precinct 74 Chair

Walter West

Republican Grassroots Activist and SD4 SREC committeeman

As the State Republican Executive Committeeman for Senate District 4, I am proud to Fully Endorse Jonathan Hullihan as the only Candidate with the actual experience to roll into DC on Day one and start this fight!

Deborah Kelting Fite

SD7 SREC committeewoman

Dr. Stella Emmanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel is a Cameroonian-American physician and pastor. Immanuel emigrated to the United States after completing her medical education in Nigeria. Immanuel is also the founder and president of Fire Power Ministries. Dr. Immanuel is best known for a video that went viral on social media platforms in which Immanuel stated her support for the drug hydroxychloroquine as a combatant against COVID-19.

Since then, Big Tech platforms have suppressed the video and information about the drug due to Dr. Stella Immanuel allegedly spreading “misinformation.” In her video endorsement of Jonathan Hulliahan, Dr. Stella Immanueal stated, “What is most important about Jonathan is that he is a child of God. He is Christan, he is saved…. He believes in our constitution and he believes in our freedoms and our rights.”

Former TX-08 Candidate, Ryan Jarchow

Conservative warrior congressional candidate Jonathan Hullihan was endorsed by former Texas’ eighth congressional district candidate, Ryan Jarchow. This endorsement comes after Ryan decided to withdraw from the race following the release and approval of the new Congressional maps in Texas. Ryan’s endorsement demonstrates that grassroots conservatives around the district are rallying to Jonathan’s banner.

“Jonathan Hullihan is the only true conservative fighter in the race for Texas’ eighth congressional district. Throughout his career, he has defended our country and our Constitution. We need more liberty-minded leaders like him in Congress that stand up to defend our freedoms. We cannot afford to have any more spineless congressman in Washington. I fully endorse Jonathan Hullihan in his campaign for Texas’ eighth congressional district and encourage others to join me in support of his candidacy,” says Ryan Jarchow.

Jennifer Kratky

*Co-Director, True Texas Project NW Harris County

Rebecca Hardy

Director of Texans for Vaccine Choice

John O’Neill

Vietnam Veteran, lawyer, and spokesman for Swift Vets and POWs for Truth

Doc Greene

Harris County Precinct Chair, Republican Grassroots Activist, Conservative Radio Host (The Amazing Doc Greene Show), music man and thought leader on issues facing America and the Great State of Texas.

Betty Anderson

Conservative Republican Grassroots Warrior

Rosalie Escobedo

Tarrant County Precinct Chair and Grassroots Activist

Tom Nobis

SD7 SREC committeeman


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