ICYMI: Texans for True Conservatives PAC Endorses Jonathan Hullihan
November 10, 2021

The Woodlands, TX – In case you missed it, conservative warrior Jonathan Hullihan was endorsed by Texans for True Conservatives PAC for Texas’ 8th Congressional district. This endorsement further validates Jonathan Hullihan as the true conservative in this race. 

“I am thankful to have a strong conservative voice like the Texans for True Conservatives PAC endorse my candidacy. I have spent my career defending our country and constitution against those who want to chip away at our freedoms and threaten our liberties. When I am your congressman, I will fight the liberal Democrat’s radical woke agenda in Washington and support conservative policies that will ensure a prosperous future for our country. I am fortunate to have lived the American Dream and I want my children and future generations to have that same opportunity,” Hullihan said.


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