CONSERVATIVE Hullihan Visits Southern Border Capturing Footage of Droves of Illegals Entering United States
July 06, 2021

The Woodlands, TX – Conservative Jonathan Hullihan doesn’t pay lip service to his conservative values; he acts upon them. This past fourth of July weekend, Jonathan embedded with a team of citizen border residents and activists between Roma, TX and Rio Grande City, TX. Hullihan was particularly honored to accompany angel moms Mary Ann Mendoza and Marie Herrera Vega, who both had their sons killed by illegal aliens. The area visited by Hullihan is currently considered one of the most dangerous parts of the Texas border, with an active cartel war spilling violence on both sides. Hullihan captured incredible footage of just how porous our southern border truly is, witnessing hundreds of illegal aliens unlawfully cross into the United States in just a matter of hours.

As part of the video’s release, he said, “It is surreal to see in person. This is a humanitarian and national security crisis of absolutely enormous magnitude. President Biden and Vice President Harris’ open border policy is not only making everyone in this country less safe and secure, but their wanton disregard for our sovereignty makes us the laughing stock of the world. As congressman, I will lead a coalition of like-minded members to ensure we sponsor and pass legislation to reestablish American sovereignty, shut down illegal crossings at the southern border, support the rule of law, and place the rights of American citizens over the rights of illegal aliens.”



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